Image by Hermansyah


We know how life is like being trapped in a rat race, finding yourself in a cycle of work, terrible meals, bills, and then more terrible meals (trust us, we’ve been there, and… are still there). In the pursuit of a better future, there are often compromises made to our lives today. We see that evidently in how we’re spending our time and what we’re feeding ourselves. 

So the 3 musselteers behind ‘Get a Live Seafood’ decided to – well, get a life and do something outside of our daily grinds. 

‘Get a Live Seafood’ was started in hopes of getting you easy access to live seafood that is fresh, nutritious and simple to cook, even while you’re hustling. 

Besides cracking the crab and lobster shells, the three of us enjoy cracking jokes as well. We hope to brighten your day and increase your appetite with the little puns we’ve injected unapologetically in our content. 

Have a great day ahead, and we hope you get a life too! 

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